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Clément Baeyens devant sa toileClément Baeyens, autodidact painter born in Nantes, France, in 1952.

The art of painting first has the feelings of grand mother, a woman of Flemish origins who stretches her life in Anjou (France), and spend her time embroidering blouses with delightful butterflies, flowers and birds. Former antiquarian, she also spends time with her colors on various topics that are sometimes dark or colored, but always very busy. Found on the walls of her house, beautiful paintings, and above a marble dresser, a Dutch flower bouquet framed by two small wonder from Corot.

In this felted universe, he borrows silently from his first master the sometimes harsh taste of painting.
In Le Havre, this city where Boudin lived, he discovered pointillism. His, putting a gouache to dry in the sun on the ledge of a window. A fine rain will do the rest.
Ecole Jean Macé; Le Havre –
In a dark classroom that opens its windows on a covered, gray, nostalgic time.
Small contest to obtain a scholarship for the fine arts. He projects himself on the sheet of paper. A path as gray as the exterior, bordered by a vertiginous slope, where posts stand and the electric wires are clinging; And all this fleeing to the unknown.
Failure that accompanies his uncertainty very well.
Etretat, a magical place where many painters did put their easel, and where Clément passes a part of his childhood. It is in this small town that he meets the painter Jean Carzou, through one of his compatriots – the writer Vahé Katcha.
He devoted himself to sculpture, on wooden mallets furnished to him by a friend who was a scrap metal worker. African faces, underlined by deep dark circles, grimacing when he imposes nail masks on them.

GO at the Club Méditerranée, he participated in the production and decoration of many sets for shows.
Paint for billboards. Paris and Province.

The work of Clément Baeyens is a vagrancy in the timeless, a picking of ideas of chosen images. If spontaneity avoids the pitfall of a mathematical painting, the setting up of a work often requires reflection. Some canvases are an assembly, a cross of style, period, application – it is a patchwork, a pictorial weaving.
Le peintre Clément Baeyens devant ces toiles
He establishes a relationship with the work, a sincere feeling, more lasting than a furtive emotion. The ephemeral is sometimes deceptive. Flee the mathematical eye. Kiss the intuitive hand – the hand that betrays so often the eye that is the master.

Painting is also exposing an idea to the light. The important thing is not what one paints, the subject by itself; But mainly how it is painted, how to translate this idea and apply it. To paint is to look at one’s thoughts, to look at oneself – to show oneself to others – to exhibit a feeling, which one?
Visual vagrancy is an unparalleled education for that feeds on all subjects that grow abundantly like flowers in a meadow in the spring.
It is the synthesis of a communion between art and life.

Several exhibitions. The artist sells his work in the workshop.

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